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Available Woods Used To Manufacture Adams Wood Products.

Red Oak
Click for Large View of Red Oak.
Has a coarse open grain. Heartwood is light brown usually with pink or red tinge. Sapwood light to virtually white. Small pin knots and small mineral streaks are common.

Soft Maple
Click for Large View of Soft Maple.

Close grained wood. Heart wood varies from a light to very dark gray. Sapwood is very light, usually with a hint of pink and somethimes light gray. Pith flecks are frequently present. Curly or wavy character occurs occasionally.

Click for Large View of Walnut.

Grain is usually straight but can sometimes be wavy or curly. Heartwood is chocolate brown, occasionally with darker, sometimes purplish streaks. Sapwood is white to yellowish brown. Dark blemishes are often present.

Honduras Mahogany
Click for Large View of Honduras Mahogany.

Usually a high luster straight grain but irregularities such as wave, curl, and ribbons can be present. Can vary in color from a light reddish or yellowish brown to dark reddish brown with no distinct break between sapwood and heartwood. Will darken with age.

Click for Large View of Hickory.

Typically has a straight, rather coarse grain but occasionally can be wavy or irregular. Heartwood is brown or reddish brown. Sapwood is clearly distinguishable from heartwood, usually nearly white in color. Expect very distinct color variations on all items made from this species.

Click for Large View of Alder.

Has a straight fine texture grain. The wood is pale when first cut but will darken to a light brown. Sapwood is not visually distinguishable from the heartwood. It has a lusterless surface, with dark lines or streaks formed by broad rays. Tight pin knots are sometimes present.

Click for Large View of Cherry.

Has a tight straight closed grain. Heartwood is a pale pink when first cut but will darken to a deep reddish brown, often with a greenish tint. Sapwood can be nearly white. Pitch pockets are common. An occasional burl can be present.

Eastern White Pine
Click for Large View of Eastern White Pine.

Relatively uniform texture straight grain, moderately soft. Heartwood is light brown often with a reddish tinge. Will considerably darken with age. Sapwood is nearly white to pale yellowish white. Tight red knots of various sizes are always present.

Curly Maple
Click for Large View of Curly Maple.

Same characteristics as soft maple except contains a wavy or curly appearance. This "Figure" can range from faint to very heavy.

Articles offered under this heading are made from close grained woods such as Maple, Cherry, and Poplar. They have variations in color, but surfaces are sanded smooth and ready for painting. There may, or may not be a mixture of different woods.


  The mark of responsible forestry

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